What is Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness – What is it?


How Christ Consciousness Linked to Religious Beliefs?

Christ Consciousness is the state of being in which the soul is transformed and awakened to the Highest Consciousness. The highest consciousness for which a human being may achieve on Earth.

Christ Consciousness does not have any relation to the personality of Jesus Christ. More a state of mind, connecting with the highest power, and understanding omnipresent and universal force that exists everywhere.

The term Christ Consciousness does not necessarily affiliate to a specific religious belief, but refers to the spiritual elevation of Jesus Christ while he was still alive. Anyone can be Christ Conscious if they are willing to open their mind and become knowledgeable of it’s concept.

Those who have walked the path of light, love, harmony, bliss, and peace become enlightened during their journey. 

How Exactly can People Become Christ Conscious?

Everyone is born with consciousness. It flows through every human being, and if there is will, it can be developed and achieved by anyone. As long as you live within your realm of spirituality. This also means you need to become more compassionate, loving, patient, understanding, tolerant, and forgiving.

Spiritual growth is achieved by aligning ones inner feelings and thoughts. One must be aware and understand that he or she is a unique creation. The mind acknowledges a Divine Mind, which in turn awakens Christ Consciousness.

Difficulties or Hindrances You May Face

Many people encounter conflicts during the process of awakening. Conflicts or issues are normal as your mind is just starting to adjust to a whole new way of thinking.

The mind of every human being was conditioned from birth in order for people to think in a logical way and rational way. It was also conditioned to look at the commercial value. The spirit of human being is not considered as a material. In order for you to understand the meaning of spirit, you must clear your mind of everything. This may be difficult to start with, but this can be the key to be successful when becoming a Christ Conscious.

Are There Ways to Overcome Hindrances to Become Christ Conscious?

Meditation is one of the tools that can help anyone for removing thoughts that are based on the way of thinking these modern days and for getting peace of mind. Through this, inner reflection will take place. Meditation can also be the best way of becoming one with the universal spirit and forces of nature. It also helps people receive inspiration and energy.

What People Feel When They Become Christ Conscious

Majority of people who become Christ Conscious is seen with full of joy. Being awaken and Christ Conscious can be a fulfilling and joyful experience. Confidence grows and fear ends. People make their own destiny and become one of the persons with higher vibrations.

The History of Christ Consciousness

The teaching or message of Christ Consciousness existed a very long time ago. The very 1st civilization on the planet Earth to know and nurture Christ Consciousness is the Lemurians. They are the people who once lived in the Pacific Ocean’s lost continent.

History of Christ Consciousness Unveiled

It was in that city of Lemurians in which Goddesses, with the help of celestial Arcturian contacts, served as the guides of the human race. Then, after the appearance of Atlantis, Akanaton, Isis, Hermes, and Ra Ta were born and called as the Light’s new messengers.

These people used sacred teachings and powerful temples to kick off new masters into the so called “The Children of the Law of One. The main goal of these messengers is to anchor the God’s Light into the grids of Earth as well as into the consciousness of the inhabitants in Earth.

This dedication and tradition morphed into the Israelites message and carried those teachings in the ancient mystics, Essenes, and Gnostics. Essenes is the known author of the scrolls of Dead Sea and taught everyone about the souls of John the Baptist, Jesus, and Mother Mary.

Thousand years ago, it was made clear to everyone that a person must be born in accordance to Christ embodiment. The said person was the known Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus does not only live a life with Christ Consciousness, but also he initiated Mary Magdalene and his apostles to master the level. Upon the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, the teachings of Christ were transmitted to Early Christians. These are the persons who embraced Jesus teachings and dedicate their selves in carrying the message of Jesus.

Due to the sacredness, acceptability, and power of those teachings, they kept most in underground areas and disseminate the teachings to highest initiates. But, as a part of Divine Plan, teachings that are meant to awaken the humanity have also brought through nice and loving actions and words like healing and teaching.

Later, after the ascension of Jesus, His teachings or the transmissions of the Christ Consciousness were taken to the South part of France by the known Mary Magdalene together with her brother and sister – Lazarus and Martha. Mother Mary also brought teachings to Glastonbury or England with the help of Joseph. The teachings gave birth to Arthurian Knights. Their job is to nurture and protect the teachings of Christ and other sacred relics that are related to Jesus like spear and chalice.

From there, the Light of Christ was kept aflame by Rosicrucians, which is a secret organization that later became invisible. Hundred years later, the Christ Light’s message was passed to the Southern France’s Cathars and to the Knights Templar. Soon, the Christ teachings went deeper underground and didn’t surface for about hundreds of years.

But, through Edgar Cayce’s teachings, the frequency of Christ came back to world again. Currently, the Christ Light is under the process of rediscovery. Because of this, many people are considering the path of Christ Consciousness.

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