What determines the level of your future success

What determines future success? Your level of success reflects the value you bring to the table.

You might consider the above statement and agree with it right away, or you might possibly disagree right away, but it’s definitely worth examining a little more closely, and the first thing to determine is what you would define as ‘success.’

Maybe you think of success in monetary terms, that success is measured in the size of the pay check, and the material surroundings that accompany it.

It could be that you don’t think of success as a money thing at all, that success is more to do with following your goals and passions, serving society, or your spiritual aspirations.

It’s certainly an important difference, and if you think of success as a monetary thing, then logic does seem to suggest that to be more successful, i.e. earn more money, you have to offer more as an employee than people on a lesser wage.

future successIf you bring more value, which would be a skill of some sort, then a promotion is more likely to come, and therefore so will more money = future success.

Why, then, does the point sometimes upset people? Well, basically because of the word ‘YOU’ in the sentence – the fact that success reflects the value *YOU* bring.

I occasionally hear people complaining that they are being held back, that they aren’t being given a fair chance, their face doesn’t fit, if so and so only did this, if so and so only did that, then they’d be more successful.

If you take this view, then the problem is that you are putting the responsibility for your success in other people’s hands! The phrase doesn’t say ‘your success reflects the value that other people bring!’ It’s up to you!

If other people are holding you back, go somewhere else! If you’re not getting a fair chance, go somewhere else! If your face doesn’t fit, go somewhere else!

If you are bringing a level of value to a situation, and you don’t feel it’s being recognized with success, then there will be somewhere where it *is* recognized. To say otherwise is to shirk taking the responsibility.

It may mean upheaval, moving, travel, hardship, but if that’s what it takes, you won’t be the first and you won’t be the last who has to go through hardship to find success! Remember too, that you will be ultimately enriching your soul.

If success for you doesn’t mean money, but passion, fulfillment, service, growth, spirituality, etc, then in many ways that’s easier, because the correlation between the level of success and the value you bring is less in the hands of others in the first place. Other people don’t control the recognition of your value in this instance.

‘Success’ is indeed a slippery customer to define, because it’s an individual definition. Many people who strive for years to achieve what some people might describe as success, are deeply unhappy because they not been following their passions, so the value they have brought has been value on other people’s terms.

However you look at it, I think that’s a key element. The value you bring has to be something that’s valuable to you, because then to increase that value will seem like a natural progression rather than a hardship, and the success will come in due course, almost as a happy by-product.

If you’re trying to increase value just because someone else says you should, then you’ll most likely get caught working for someone else, probably resentful, and more than likely complaining about it. If you expect your success levels to rise in a situation like that, then it’ll be slow and laborious.

So, think of your success levels. If you’re happy with them, then great! Not everyone is unhappy with their level of success, but if you *are* unhappy about it, if you feel there could and should be more, then think about the value you bring.

Can you do more? Is your real value in fact doing something completely different to what you currently do? Your value to others and your value to yourself?

It could be that it’s time for a change, and if that’s the case, then as always, this is your judgement. Your choice, and only you can ultimately bring this into fruition. Often, this is where you will find your greatest success.


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