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The Law of Attraction from Aspirations to Reality

Imagine, for a moment if you were able to achieve what you’ve always wanted in life, all your dreams and aspirations.

What would it mean to you? Think about it, what do you want to do in your life and what’s your purpose here on Earth?

You pay your dues to make a decent living, or just enough to get by, support your family, pay your bills on time and save whatever that’s left at the end of the month. Hoping that you will be looking towards a bright future, right?

In everything you do, whether it’s a small or big thing, you have a purpose and and so you work hard to get the best things in life. When you were a kid, you had big ambitions. To become an astronaut or an actor or even a rock star.

What happened to those dreams now that you’ve grown up? And why for some, do you feel lost at the end of the day?

Everything in life is brought on by a thought or an attraction. Basically, you had a thought or made some kind of a decision or took some type of action that makes everything happen the way it does. It is like a big circle, things go around but they come right back to where they started. Therefore, if you do things or have good thoughts, good things will eventually come back around your way. On the other hand, if you do negative things and have negative thoughts and feelings, nothing but negativity is going to come back your way.

The Law of Attraction from Aspirations to Reality

The moment you focus on an object, it triggers something in your brain and you start to notice it everywhere you go. What is this phenomenon?

This Phenomenon Is Called The Law Of Attraction!

Some of the most successful people on the planet started out from humble beginnings. The classic rags to riches story. Do they have some kind of secret that the rest of us are not aware of? Well, maybe and if they do they are certainly not sharing. 

If you are experiencing hard times in your life, it is very important that you become familiar with the term “law of attraction,” or LOA. The law of attraction states that you are basically responsible for all the circumstances of your life, whether good or bad. You draw everything into your life that exists. You have the power to create positive circumstances in your life, you just have to know how to harness the power of the law of attraction.

There are many people out there who do not believe in the power of attraction. They believe that everything that happens in their life is just luck of the hand of cards they were dealt. In most cases these people’s lives are out of control or are in the progress of falling apart. Living life without adhering to the rules of the law of attraction is like driving a car without using the steering wheel and just hoping that you make it to your desired destination without any bad things happening along the way. This is a crazy thought right, well so is thinking that you do not bring into your life what is there.

A lot of the law of attraction relates back to what we were all taught as children. We were taught that every action we make has a reaction and this could not be any more true. Everything we do causes something else to happen which causes something else to happen and on and on until it ends up right back in your lap. Now when it comes back around do you want it to be positive or negative? Surely you would like it to be positive. In order for you to receive positive things you must believe in the power and you must do positive things.

The law of attraction is very powerful and it will continue to attract things into your life, both good and bad, depending on the decisions you make and the thoughts and feeling that you have on a daily basis.

There is no stopping or hiding from the power of the law of attraction so you need to learn how to control it in order to draw only beneficial things into your life. The last thing you want is for everything to be going good and then you draw something into your life that ruins everything. Learning how to use the power of the law of attraction to your advantage will take time, patience, and effort but in the end it will be well worth the effort. You will be amazed by how blessed your life becomes when you understand LOA and use it for the better.

Remember that this is going to be a learning process and it may not be something that you are able to master right away.

Bring In the Good

Your inner self projects energy into the universe that can be thought of kind of like radio signals. These signals contain your thoughts, desires and actions and the law of attraction will pick up on these signals. As mentioned before, everything in your life influences the law of attraction. You can use this power to bring in an ample amount of good things and opportunities into your life.
You want to make sure that you are always projecting positive signals for the law of attraction to pick up on. Next Page

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