Global Meditation MP3 Zen Relaxing Music


Run time for the entire MP3’s is – 1 Hour 39 mins

Package includes 16 mp3’s


Utilizing music for healing and relaxation is nothing new and in the
stressful times that we now live relaxing music may be a great tool to
bring us joy, energy, comfort and calm.

The modern world that we live in perpetually bombards us with
situations that cause stress. A certain amount is good for us, but
overmuch – particularly if it’s day in and day out – may cause us both
emotional and physical troubles.

However, there’s a really simple, cheap and very effective answer –
music. Music is an awesome healer. It is so powerful that relaxation
music is utilized by hospitals across the world to reduce anxiousness
in patients who are about to go into surgery. It has the power to
comfort and relax you, to change your whole mood, and increase your
energy state.


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