Egg Shape Security Protect Alarm for Self Defense

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Protect yourself against potential attackers and intruders.

This piercing alarm is simple to use and convenient to access.

The egg shape design acts as decoration, and can be easily attached to a purse or backpack.

If you feel you are in danger and need to alert someone, pull out the key chain pull pin. Once the pin is removed the alarm is activated and will immediately send out a high pitched 120dB signal.

Suitable for joggers, elderly, disabled, night shift workers, someone who lives alone, women and children. This is NOT a toy and should only be used for the reason it was design. 

Very Loud 120dB Alarm.

Battery included.

We do not offer color choice, color will be dispatch in random. The only product that will be mailed is ONE Egg Shaped ALARM.

SOME orders will also receive a FREE Tactical Survival Pen. 


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