Healing Emotional Wounds through Meditation

Emotional pain is considered by many people to be worse than physical pain because the latter will heal in a shorter time than the former. When people experience a traumatic situation some will try to move on without having dealt with the emotional wounds at their ‘root’ level. This is the reality for many people who do not know how to release old wounds that are attached to their emotions.

The benefit that meditation can provide is to identify the root cause and then to develop enough courage to confront whatever it is that is in need of your attention. Acceptance is near impossible for some people to deal with, especially for those who have suffered in some way, either at the hands of another or by a situation that was out of their control at the time – the only way to confront the inner demons of the past is to accept what happened as a necessary experience that served some higher purpose.

Arguing with the past is not favorable, such behavior will not allow you to learn from the lessons that were disguised as an unfair or terrifying experience. Putting up walls or barriers to block out the past-tense will keep you rooted firmly in the hole from which you’re trying to escape. Life with meditation will remove the excess thoughts that drive you deeper into a place of misery and despair.

Practiced daily, meditation will make difficult work seem easy, but at first it will seem like a tremendous struggle to sit in stillness and in silence for any length of time, long or short. Meditating offers tranquility, calmness, it allows you to become open minded instead of closed minded all the while, new ideas will enter your thinking space and the things that you once struggled with become more simplistic and you will immediately recognize the difference in your attitude and your worldly views.

The best part of meditation is that the healing process that takes place is automatic once activated. Healing occurs whenever the mind is relaxed enough to affect the body in a relaxed way. There is no relaxation for the body without the mind being in this state first, hence the old but famous cliché – mind over matter – it all begins ‘upstairs.’

Emotional healing can afford you a life that is rich with happiness, fun, excitement, friendship, great career fulfillment, creativity and an abundance of possibilities and opportunities for a stable and a secure future which you believe in.

If any real healing is to occur in your life then you need to accept the things that you dislike or even feel a sense of hatred for, as holding onto these snares will keep you from living a fruitful life like you deserve. Many people go through a lifetime of living with depression due to something which happened so long ago, yet, when the opportunity comes around to make a permanent change it is often missed because some people do not recognize it as the golden opportunity that it is, and this is due to being ‘closed minded.’

Whenever you hear people trying to motivate and inspire others you might usually hear them say something along the lines of; “keep an open mind” or “be optimistic,” and they may not know what they mean by it at the time but there is a reason why we have these clichés. Having or keeping an open mind is an essential requirement for moving on in life. Being open minded will allow you to spot the opportunities for advancement whenever they present themselves. You will be able to swiftly identify the hidden or masked potential that is nested inside opportunities that at first, may seem like an ordinary meaningless occurrence of some sort, but with your mindset being developed, you’ll know what is before you each and every time.

This is what meditation can offer to you, the ability to avoid further potentially traumatizing scenarios with the gift of foresight, and enough open mindedness to know the difference between something of value and something which holds no value at all. This is healing at its best, prevention is always better than cure but if a cure is needed then meditation is a choice that you would do well to make. Too many people are suffering needlessly each year after year, unaware that there has always been a way to put the past to rest and there was always the opportunity to start again and rebuild one’s life to a satisfactory standard, only will power and perseverance are needed.

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