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Delving Into Motivational Reading

Motivational ReadingStories have tremendous might in terms of recall… “Motivational Reading”.

You’ll discover this from all the research is that there is. What will be remembered are a few compelling stories that you hear. And those will guide you when you need motivation – which, by the way, is much of the day. Story telling is an ancient art, but we should not underestimate its effectiveness as a learning and motivational tool.

Do you have this sinking feeling that no matter what you do or how hard you try, you will always wind up falling short when trying to achieve changing things in your life, your positive mindset and achieving success? It’s crazy…

Most of us are seeking a better life. Our focus might be on bettering the external trappings of our existence and experiencing luxuries or a stronger sense of security. A few of us might be motivated by more selfless hopes and dreams of benefiting society in general.

Most of us really combine somewhat self-serving motivations with the altruistic in a package of inspirations that works for the individual alone. Though we might all be looking for something better, the thought of what “better” means is inevitably determined, in large measure, by our own motivations.

This complicates the utilization of a predefined self-improvement “system” considerably. Many highly vaunted solutions, for instance, rely upon regular use of extrinsic motivators in the form of personal rewards that may not be sufficiently sustaining for someone who is more intrinsically motivated. A popular self-help title may recommend taking a series of actions to achieve a certain definition of success. That definition, although seemingly reasonable on its face, may be meaningless in practical terms if the reader’s motivations result in a distinct understanding of what constitutes real achievement.

Motivations are what keep us marching along the path to fulfillment. When motivation lapses, we get sidetracked. In a few cases, we give up totally. A great plan that doesn’t meet up with an individual’s motivations is no more useful than an auto without an engine or a tub without water.

That’s why motivations matter and it’s likewise why finding or producing a self-improvement plan that matches our individual motivations is crucial.

A negative emotional state may really ruin your day. Prolonged stress, depression, or anger are distinctly not conducive to high levels of performance. And the worst part is that these emotional states tend to be self-perpetuating.

Working while excessively stressed may lead to even more stress. Depression and worry may cause you to avoid taking the sorts of actions that will help you escape the pit of negativism. And anger may lead you to take unproductive actions you might later regret.

While emotional assortment may spice up your life, hopefully you’ll agree that remaining stuck in a prolonged negative emotional state is something to be fended off. So if you find yourself in one of these states, what may you do to boost your motivation and keep it high? Motivational stories on audio. What I like about listening to audio programs is that it’s simple, mindless, and passive. All I have to do is stick on my headphones, pop in a tape, CD, or MP3, and press play.

I typically aim for about 30 minutes per day (commonly when I exercise). This is enough to keep me feeling generally positive and optimistic all day long and getting plenty of work executed.

Use motivational stories on audio, and try listening to it for at least 30-minutes a day for a week, and see what result it has on your attitude and your actions. I think you’ll discover as I do that this habit is among the best you can formulate.

Reading uplifting material is likewise effective, but I personally prefer audio for my day-to-day emotional conditioning, so I may do other things at the same time.

Okay, so here’s the thing. Have you ever tried listening to motivational stories? They really get you thinking! Here are a few below:

Controlling Anger
There once was a small boy who had an ill temper…

Two men, both gravely ill, occupied the same hospital room.

Consequences of Reactions
Once upon a time, a child complained to a loving father that life was miserable and that the child didn’t know how they were going to

A farmer owned an old mule. The mule fell into the farmer’s well.

The Butterfly
A man discovered a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a little opening appeared.

A 9 year-old boy entered a hotel café and sat at a table. A waitress put a glass of water in front of him.


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