Be at One with Nature and Ones Self

Being able to connect with nature has many wonderful benefits both for the good of one’s mental health and physical health. Nature is one of God’s free gifts to human kind and learning to appreciate it should be everyone’s priority. However sadly this is not so, as everyone is busy rushing around trying to keep their lives in order.

Communing with nature will allow a person to slow down and just enjoy what is there for free. It only requires the individual stop and “soak” it all in. spending more time outdoors is one way to connect with nature. Playing or just walking in the park is a healthy way to relax and enjoy each other’s company or to just be alone with the beauty offered by nature.

When one is able to consciously connect with nature there will be a significant change in both body and mind. These changes that happen are positive in nature and very beneficial to an individual. Taking the time to really relax and focus on just the pleasure of nature and some quiet time, will allow the body to recharge and yet achieve a certain level of calmness which is gotten from being connected to nature.

All age groups should be taught to stop and connect with nature as often as possible. For kids playing outdoors, taking a nature walk or even working in an environment where they are exposed to animals will help build so many positive attributes in them.

When it comes to teens it may not be as simple. To expect them to spend time with nature can be quite a challenge. However encouraging them to take up an outdoor sport, engaging in seasonal projects that require the outdoor experience or simply learning about the different naturally garnered foods, are just a few ways to entice them to be more connected to nature.

Setting aside time everyday to connect with one’s spirituality can in most instances be easier said than done. For most people the time set aside to do this may be perceived as wasted and thus the reluctance to do so ends up being detrimental not only to the individual but to all around.

Connecting spiritually has many benefits both mental and physical. There are several ways an individual can connect with their own spirituality. One of them is through voluntary services. When one sets aside time to become a volunteer, one is actually learning to put another person’s needs before one’s self. This teachers the individual to be more giving and less selfish.

Spending some alone time everyday communing with the inner spirit is beneficial to both the mental and physical health. Making a conscious effort to let go of all the troubles and cares and simply focus on the potential calmness and serenity that is apparent allows the mind to be able to tackle the problem with renewed strength and vigor.

Practicing sessions of meditation is also a common practice when trying to connect spiritually. Most people seek this style of quite time activity to try and enhance their senses to be able to connect with their inner self.

Praying is also another way to make the ever evasive connection with one’s spirituality. If done often and consistently praying can and will be an effective way of ensuring this connection. The peace and calmness one can derive from this will definitely benefit both body and mind.

Spending time with nature will allow one’s spiritual senses to be heightened and thus cause the individual to be more sensitive to the surroundings. Through the exercise the body slowly releases its dependence on holding on to any stress and learns to relax thus connecting spiritually.

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