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Welcome to Affinitysm, a contemporary universal principle based around LOVE and Truth. Whether you currently participate in a popular faith or take an independent course, whether you trust in divine creation or cling to stern physical objectivity, your notions about truth define the overall context of your life.

Your spiritual growth is a built-in part of the process of human development. Truth, affection, and power don't prescribe a certain spiritual doctrine, so there's lots of freedom to implement a mixture of beliefs. If your beliefs don't fulfill the necessities of your personal being at the very least, then they can't be spiritually rewarding. If a spiritual doctrine yields to untruth in your eyes, and disconnects you from life, or if it breaks you, it infringes on the very purpose and will only lead you astray. So with this in mind, Affinitysm unveils itself to cater to YOU, and not the other way around.



Law of Attraction

Enjoy the Journey of Life


Meditation for spiritual, mental, physical well-being

What is meditation? Meditation is an ancient practice that is known to improve the spiritual, ...

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Meditation Techniques and Let’s Begin Meditating

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Healing Emotional Wounds through Meditation

Emotional pain is considered by many people to be worse than physical pain because the ...

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Why Meditation and what are the overall Benefits

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